Family Lawyers Adelaide

Family Lawyers Adelaide

Boutique Family Lawyer Known for Specialising in Complex Family Law Settlements in Adelaide

Liptak Lawyers stands out as a beacon of expertise, commitment, and success in the intricate landscape of family law, where emotions run high, and stakes are even higher. Renowned as one of Adelaide’s premier family law firms, we have curated a legacy of excellence, consistently delivering unparalleled services to our clients. At Liptak Lawyers, we specialise in navigating the complexities of family law settlements, earning our reputation as Adelaide’s best family lawyers. Our boutique approach ensures that each client receives personalised attention and tailored strategies, recognising the unique complexities of their situation. Every family law case is distinctive, requiring innovative thinking and a nuanced approach to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Your Trusted Family Lawyers In Adelaide

At Liptak Lawyers, we are consistently setting the benchmark for family lawyers in Adelaide. Legal proceedings involving families can be very distressing. Sometimes, members are left with no other option but to seek legal assistance from a reputable family lawyer. At Liptak Lawyers, we specialise in several divisions of family law. These include: divorce and separation, property settlements, parenting disputes, de facto relationships, and Family Court representation. Family disputes can often be resolved outside of family courts through the process of mediation. However, if court becomes the only viable option, we can provide you with advice, assist in the preparation of documents, and represent you in court. We happily offer all of our clients a no-obligation initial consultation, giving them complete peace of mind. We are driven by our honest belief in our clients and our reputable team of family lawyers in Adelaide.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

Meet Our Family Lawyers In Adelaide

We are proud to be the best family lawyers that Adelaide has to offer. Thus, we are 100% dedicated to tackling each and every case with utmost importance. We understand that every case is different. Each requires a personalised and tailored approach to be successful. Our 20-year experience in family law has seen us consistently deliver outstanding results for our Adelaide clients. We have complete confidence in our innovative strategies that we continue to improve upon. So, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant in a family dispute, we strive to prepare you as best we can in order to achieve the best result. Liptak Lawyers are here to provide you with the best team of family lawyers in Adelaide. We take care of the intricacies to help you understand every minor detail of your family law case.

The Expert Family Lawyers In Adelaide

We are the best family lawyers in Adelaide – we have a breadth of knowledge that is unrivalled in the local market. Further, we have an unrivalled understanding when it comes to anticipating outcomes. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with the highest level of honesty, respect and understanding, no matter what their situation may be. Our team of family lawyers in Adelaide are committed to making our clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process, using holistic preparation and constant communication until the case is won. Dealing with disputes of all complexities – no case is too big or small, and we have complete and equal faith in both our clients and our process. We become fully invested in each and every case, and will not stop until we are 100% satisfied with the result. Let Liptak Lawyers take care of your every family lawyers need.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

The Best Family Lawyers in Adelaide

Are you looking to resolve your family issues or seeking one of the best family lawyers in Adelaide? Consult our dedicated legal team to present a strong case.

Family disturbances can be disheartening. Family issues cause a lot of emotional turmoil, especially in legal proceedings. Sometimes family matters can be resolved through negotiation but on the other times, a legal aid becomes imperative.

At Liptak Lawyers, we understand your concern. Our team of the best family lawyers in Adelaide know well that family proceedings are distressing. Our experienced team of family lawyers makes sure to learn your case thoroughly and present in a way that it causes you less turmoil. We can help you with:

  • Divorce cases
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Child support and parenting arrangements
  • Domestic violence
  • Property settlements and debt settlement
  • Family disputes
  • Contesting a will
  • De facto relationships

Our job at Liptak Lawyers is to deal with your family issues diligently. We provide specialisation in divorce and separation, property settlements, parenting disputes, de facto relationships, and family lawyer representation. If needed, our family lawyers in Adelaide also seek to provide out of the court settlements through mediation. After thoroughly learning your case, we come out with the best advice that can solve your issues. Nevertheless, if the court comes out to be the only option, we provide you with insights, prepare your documents, and present your case in the court.

In the initial stage, we take time to connect with our clients by researching well on their situation. We provide an initial no-obligation consultation to our clients without any cost. Our consultation can offer them peace as we bring different angles to their situation. We believe in helping out our customers with honest advice.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

Are you on the Verge of Separation? Contact our Family Lawyers in Adelaide

We at Liptak Lawyers are the best family lawyers in Adelaide. Being the best implies that our family lawyers are committed to our clients and handling their case with grace. We give equal importance to every case and make sure to provide justice to each of them.

Every case is different. That being said, divorce cases often imply distinct scenarios. One solution cannot work for all. So, we tailor our strategies with every case to bring success. Our personalised strategy of learning cases brings success to our clients’ doorstep.

With 20 years of experience in the family law domain, we can be proud to bring outstanding results to our Adelaide clients. Our personal and innovative approach causes legal proceedings in our favour. Moreover, our family lawyers in Adelaide believe in constant learning. With every case, we learn something new and acknowledge them in our future proceedings. Whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant in Adelaide, rest assured our family lawyers will bring the best to your case.

At Liptak Lawyers, we provide you with the best team of family lawyers to deal with your family disputes in Adelaide. Our team of family lawyers are the best in Adelaide, and will help you to understand your case by focusing more on intricacies for achieving success. We’ll be there to guide you and assist you with our professional legal services.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

Why Choose Liptak Lawyers as Your Family Lawyers in Adelaide?

We are proud of standing on the pedestal by being the best family lawyers in Adelaide. Our extensive knowledge stands tall in the market to make us different from others. Moreover, our innovative and personalised approach brings us closer to our clients and it increases our chances of winning their case.

We believe in honesty, respect, and understanding. Our belief makes us special. Our dedicated team of family lawyers in Adelaide brings out a friendly approach to make our clients feel comfortable. This comfort creates a trusted environment and brings about confidence in the case. Our family lawyers stay in constant touch with our clients until the case is wrapped.

Some cases are more difficult than others. However, no family cases is big or small. Every case presents its own complexities and challenges. We provide constant support, faith, and equality in every case. Our understanding approach and constant communication with a total investment from our family lawyers bring top-notch results.

At Liptak Lawyers, we are here to deal with your myriad family issues with our holistic approach. Put your faith in our best team of family lawyers in Adelaide and we assure you to provide the best solution.

If you or someone you know requires any kind of legal advice or representation in Adelaide, feel free to get in touch with the best family lawyers that Adelaide has to offer. Our initial no-obligation consultation give you an insight into your family law case for learning various dimensions. We are here to advise with the best solutions along with negotiations or legal proceedings. Contact our team of family lawyers today. We are here to serve you.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

Divorce Lawyers Adelaide

If you are looking for such professional assistance, get the help of our divorce lawyers Adelaide. We can help you obtain a divorce in South Australia – we can prepare and file an application for you and help you navigate the path without feeling overwhelmed. The skills and knowledge of our best divorce lawyers Adelaide will help you separate legally, without any chaos.

Best Divorce Lawyers Adelaide

At last, you have decided to file a divorce! But, can you do everything for yourself? Divorce proceedings never come off easy, and the separation period also adds to the problems. You have to be prepared for the paperwork and documentation; however, it is far beyond that. You would surely need professional assistance to make the right move before you move ahead with the divorce procedure. There are different aspects to a divorce application, which may include legal, financial, emotional, and psychological. Call best divorce lawyers Adelaide today at (08) 8366 6584! Connect for a consultation now!

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

How to Get a Divorce in Adelaide, SA

To obtain a divorce, an application to the Federal Magistrates court seeking a divorce order is required. Consent of both parties is not needed to file for a divorce in South Australia. At Liptak Lawyers, we are leading divorce lawyers Adelaide. The application can be made, provided you or your spouse has a sufficient connection to Australia. For instance, you are citizens, have lived in Australia for 12 months prior to filing the application, or consider Australia to be your home and plan to remain living here. You need to then satisfy the Court that the relationship has irretrievably broken down and you have been separated for at least 12 months and 1 day. You may be separated, but still living in one house. There is no requirement to prove the other party is at fault.

Children of the Marriage

If there are children of the marriage aged less than 18 years, you also need to satisfy the Court that arrangements have been made for them.

How Long Before a Divorce Becomes Final?

A divorce order is final one month and one day after the divorce is granted. Parties may remarry once a divorce order is granted. A divorce application is independent of parenting arrangements, financial and property settlements. Please note that if you intend to apply to the Court for property settlement, you may do so within 12 months after your divorce. After that time, you need the Court’s permission to apply, which may or may not be granted.

Family Lawyers Adelaide
Family Lawyers Adelaide

How to Proceed

A divorce application can be prepared and filed for you by a divorce lawyer Adelaide. The process is quick and cost-effectively. We can also advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities relating to children’s care and contact arrangements as well as your property settlement. Should you reach agreement on the division of assets, an application for consent orders in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia can be made. For great advice contact Liptak Lawyers for leading divorce lawyers in Adelaide, South Australia.

Unparalleled Expertise in Complex Family Law Settlements in Adelaide

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