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Liptak Lawyers manage an extensive range of criminal offences, and hope to achieve a fair outcome for every single case that comes through the doors. We work closely with our clients to establish reasonable grounds for their sentence and defend them in the case of a mis-allegation. We cover everything from assault offences, homicide, theft, firearms charges, and any other accusations that may threaten your reputation. If you need legal protection in response to your charges, contact us for immediate support and we will provide you with all of the information you need before entering the court.

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All aspects of criminal law are taken very seriously in South Australia, but as a well respected criminal law form in Adelaide, we are confident in our abilities to defend your rights within our legal boundaries. Early legal representation could ultimately change your life, so for the most positive outcome you need to work alongside people that you can trust. Our team are always up to date with new legislation and have 20-years worth of experience in defence and prosecution. This enables us to clearly evaluate which approach will achieve the most promising results for our clients. Communication is a highly valued area of our service, so none of your questions are irrelevant to us. Whether you have no knowledge of court practice or have been through the process before, we will help you present your honest accounts clearly and accurately.

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There are multiple defences a person can take in the event of a criminal charge, depending on a range of factors. This comes down to witness testimonials, sufficient evidence, and the fine details of what constitutes the crime that has been committed. Your criminal record may also have an effect on the charges being laid, which means preparation is a major priority for our team. Experience and result are the two elements we continuously aim for, so we adopt a methodological approach to manage our cases and come up with efficient solutions. As part of our ongoing support, we are open to any follow-up communication and feedback regarding our service. We take a realistic approach and warn you of all the possible outcomes to make sure you are never caught off guard. Reputation is important to our brand, so we strive to reflect quality and consistency in both our results, and yours.

If you have any questions, queries, or need a legal team to represent you immediately, give us call or submit a contact form online for a prompt and enthused response. Our team of criminal lawyers Adelaide is passionate about delivering a reliable, honest, and successful service to every person we connect with. We know the ins and outs of criminal law and can ensure you are fully prepared to face your charges.



Fixed fees for criminal cases and driving cases provides transparency and comfort, allowing you to know exactly how much your case will cost.

See below fixed fees for criminal and traffic cases.


All preparation work, conferences, and attendance at court (on one occasion) with you

  • $1,650 (incl. GST) for courts in or near Adelaide


  • $1650 (incl. GST) for courts in or near Adelaide (on one occasion) with you
  • The usual fee for each additional court date for ‘mention’ (charged at an hourly rate) is $350 plus GST for Adelaide and slightly more in the suburban courts.

This fee includes all preparation work, conferences, and attendance at court by a Lawyer for Driver Licence Appeals.


  • $660 (incl. GST) for police stations in or near Adelaide (between the hours of 9am to 6pm)
  • $880 (incl. GST) for police stations in or near Adelaide (between the hours of 6pm to 9am)

This fee includes attending police station during arrest, questioning and charge process. It includes negotiations with police regarding bail.


Attending prison/ remand centre for the first consultation only:

  • $660 (incl. GST) for prisons/ remand centre in Adelaide Metropolitan Area.

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