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Car Accident Lawyers Adelaide

Good results stem from the best car accident lawyers Adelaide. Each case is 100% unique, so we go above and beyond to manage your situation and implement the best course of action. At Liptak, we empathise with the stress induced by court proceedings—particularly when the client is unfamiliar with the system. We do everything we can to simplify the process and restore your confidence! Strategy and preparation are fundamental to our operation, so we take care of all the research and planning from the get go. It’s important that our clients are educated and aware of any progress during the case, so we promise excellent communication from end to end. Your options will always be presented to you before a case is established, whether you’re in the plaintiff or defendant position. For a team you can trust, contact Liptak as the car accident lawyers Adelaide.

Car accident lawyers adelaide

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Traffic Law

Our best car accident lawyers Adelaide respect the Australian laws and operate accordingly—restoring order in the local community. If you’ve experienced an injury as the result of the negligence of another motorist, you might be entitled to compensation to amend your physical and mental pain. We take the time to wholly comprehend your situation before coming to a conclusion; accounting for every minor detail in the lead up to the event. To make sure you receive an adequate financial return, we also have to account for your involvement in the incident. Your entitlements may be reduced if you are partly liable, so we establish your position early on. We also manage traffic law—whether you’re faced with a drink driving charge or have speculations that police procedures were unprincipled, we’ll help you build a strong case to defend your name. Call lawyers Mount Barker to be your car accident lawyers!

How We Determine Your Entitlements

As the best car accident Lawyers Adelaide, we follow a detailed process to maintain high-quality outcomes for all our clients. This includes an injury assessment under the Civil Liability Act (1936). The examination is undertaken by a health professional who is accredited under the scheme. The assessment will determine how much you are owed in correspondence to the impact, and limitations caused by the injuries. A numerical value on the Injury Scale Value (ISV) classifies your injury according to severity and type. Other factors such as age, quality of life and pain are also taken into account when producing the overall score. Your claim for damages also incorporates multiple Heads of Loss, which are categories of damage that a person may experience. Some of these categories include pain and suffering, mental harm and economic loss. Not sure what you’re entitled to? Call our experienced team of the Car Accident Lawyers Adelaide today.

Liptak aim to restore wellbeing and quality of life through positive results. If you have suffered from an injury that has affected your quality of life in some way, Liptak will see that you receive your amendments! We’re the best car accident lawyers Adelaide who practice what we preach.

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