Why Liptak Lawyers?

Why you should consider Liptak Lawyers when facing criminal charges, dealing with family legal matters or traffic charges?
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Why Liptak Lawyers?

We have handled a wide range of criminal cases in our time. We attend court regularly throughout the week and are familiar with the Judges and know best how to approach them to achieve the best results.

Exceptional Results

We believe that the most important factor when choosing a family lawyers Adelaide is finding one who is driven and committed to achieving the best result for you no matter what your matter may involve.

Winning Strategies

We work as a team and will strive to find a solution to your problem with the best outcome for you. We believe that each case is unique and requires a tailored, personalised strategy. We understand that sometimes it is more than just being able to argue the law that gets you over the line in Court. It is about strategy. And looking at our successful results, we are confident that our strategies and techniques that we have implemented over the years are fundamental in achieving you the best results possible.


Being well prepared is also another key to obtaining the best results possible. We endeavour to prepare you and your matter or defence thoroughly for Court hearings in order to obtain the best results.

We know the Courts and Magistrates

Liptak Lawyers have a breadth of knowledge regarding the way in which Judges and Magistrates behave. We constantly analyse how Magistrates and Judges deal with issues in the Court room so that we can continually improve our approach to them in the future.

Integrity and Respect

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest level of honesty, respect and understanding, no matter what their matter may be. We focus on making our clients feel comfortable and confident that we will achieve them the best results.

Liptak Lawyers Awarded Best Criminal Lawyer South Australia 2016

Awarded “Best Criminal Defence Firm 2016 – South Australia”

Liptak Lawyers has been recognised for consistently delivering outstanding results in criminal cases to clients in Adelaide and South Australia.

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