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If you have been accused of an offence at in the custody of Police, you may make an Application to be released on Bail.
How can I be granted Bail?
The Bail Act provides a presumption in favour of Bail.This means that Bail should be granted for the accused unless there are “good reasons” for refusal. In determining whether there are good reasons, the Court may take into account the seriousness of the offence, the likelihood that the accused will re-offend, any medical or other care that the applicant may require, or any other relevant matter for the Court to take into account.Given the complexity of making a successful Bail Application, it is imperative that you contact an experienced lawyers Mount Barker.
Conditions of Bail
The Court may impose certain conditions to Bail.Subject to the Bail Act, every grant of Bail is subject to a condition that prohibits the Applicant from possessing a firearm, ammunition or any part of a firearm. The Applicant must also submit to such tests for gunshot residue as may be reasonably required by the Bail Authority.Other examples of conditions imposable include the Applicant’s place of residence upon release, conditions relating to the physical protection of the victim (if any) of the offence, being required to report to the police at a specified place and time, to surrender any passport that the applicant may possess, or to forfeit to the Crown a sum of money if the applicant fails (without proper excuse) to comply with a term or condition of the Bail Agreement.

Do I need a lawyer to represent me for a Bail Application?

Absolutely. Our solicitors specialize in these matters and will use their experience and expertise to lead you through the process to the best possible outcome.

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