If you have been injured at the hands of someone else, it might not be as bad as you think. It does not mean that your injury can be healed quickly, but you can get compensated for it if you are eligible. Personal injury is any physical or psychological injury that you have incurred due to the wrong actions of another person/s. 

A wide range of injuries fall in this category and are associated with different compensation schemes. As a result, it becomes difficult to figure out for you to claim your own. But worry not, as this is where personal injury lawyers come in handy. Let’s look at five reasons why you need one:

1. Determining the claim, you are eligible for

If you have been in a car accident in Adelaide, only a personal injury lawyer can clearly determine whether you are eligible for a claim. If you are, then only the lawyer can quickly get to the compensation scheme that applies to your situation. Due to personal injury law being a diverse field, no person without legal knowledge and expertise can easily figure out their case.

2. Required Knowledge

Compensation lawyers are well versed in their field, its policies and laws. If there are any updates and changes in the claiming process, they will know. This is vital because personal injury law is often subjected to changes, and you can’t possibly keep track of all unless it is your job as a compensation lawyer.

3. Assistance through the claim process

The claim process can be very complicated. Only a specialised lawyer knows which documents and evidence information is needed for a successful claim. For instance, if you were in a car accident, it would require registration numbers, insurance details, surveillance records, medical reports, and witness statements to name a few.

4. Objectivity

Personal injury lawyers do this almost every day. This gives them the advantage of staying objective and rational as you can be overwhelmed with emotion, especially while you are still recovering from injuries. Your emotional investment in the case also makes your judgement clouded. On the other hand, a lawyer can clearly look at it from a legal point of view. 

5. Handling the insurance companies

Personal injury lawyers such as ours at Liptak Lawyers, have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies. Mind you; if you take it up yourself with insurance companies, they can always get the easy way out. However, it is more difficult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as they know how to negotiate a good settlement on your behalf. 

You shouldn’t hesitate or stand back from hiring a personal injury lawyer. If you have been in an accident and have been googling, “personal injury lawyer near me,” you are in luck. We handle personal injury law and family law cases in all over South Australia and country Victoria, from Adelaide to Horsham. 

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